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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
pikes Esox aquitanicus Aquitanian Pike ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb Charente River , Dordogne River , Eyre River , Adour River France 3221_Aquitanian Pike_Esox aquitanicus.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus lavaretus European Whitefish 10,00 kg 22 lb 1 oz unknown France 464_European Whitefish_Coregonus lavaretus.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Salmo cettii Mediterranean Trout + 5,00 kg + 11 lb tributaries of the Mediterranian Sea France 518_Mediterranean Trout_Salmo cettii.jpg
herrings Alosa alosa Allis Shad 3,50 kg 7 lb 11 oz Blavet River France 248_Allis Shad_Alosa alosa.jpg
herrings Alosa fallax Twaite Shad 2,50 kg 5 lb 8 oz Rhone River France 254_Twaite Shad_Alosa fallax.jpg
carps up 5 kg Leuciscus leuciscus Dace 1,10 kg 2 lb 7 oz unknown France 1407_Dace_Leuciscus leuciscus.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus albula Vendace ~ 0,50 kg ~ 1 lb unknown France 567_Nicolas Guillen_Vendace_Coregonus albula.jpg