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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
carps over 25 kg Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Silver Carp 48,50 kg 106 lb 15 oz Erlensee Germany 715_Silver Carp_Hypophthalmichthys molitrix.jpg
salmon-likes over 10 kg Salmo trutta lacustris Lake Trout 31,00 kg 68 lb 6 oz Walchensee Germany 333_Lake Trout_Salmo trutta lacustris.jpg
pikes Esox lucius Northern Pike 30,50 kg 67 lb 4 oz gravel pit near Dannstadt Germany 587_Northern Pike_Esox lucius.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Sander lucioperca Zander 19,00 kg 41 lb 14 oz Starnberger Lake Germany 2356_Zander_Sander lucioperca.jpg
carps over 10 kg Leuciscus aspius Asp 12,50 kg 27 lb 9 oz Rhine River Germany 853_Asp_Leuciscus aspius.jpg
carps over 5 kg Rutilus meidingeri Perlfisch 7,00 kg 15 lb 7 oz Chiemsee Germany 1165_Cosimo Radler_Perlfisch_Rutilus meidingeri.jpg
perch-likes up 10 kg Perca fluviatilis European Perch 7,00 kg 15 lb 7 oz Edersee Germany 2513_European Perch_Perca fluviatilis.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus lavaretus European Whitefish 6,50 kg 14 lb 5 oz Ammersee Germany 464_European Whitefish_Coregonus lavaretus.jpg
eels Anguilla anguilla European Eel 5,38 kg 11 lb 14 oz Lake Steinhude Germany 206_European Eel_Anguilla anguilla.jpg
carps over 5 kg Leuciscus idus Ide 5,10 kg 11 lb 4 oz gravel pit Gleidingen Germany 1118_Ide_Leuciscus idus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Carassius gibelio Prussian Carp 4,84 kg 10 lb 11 oz Kocher River Germany 1332_Prussian Carp_Carassius gibelio.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus wartmanni Blaufelchen 3,96 kg 8 lb 12 oz Lake Constance Germany 540_Blaufelchen_Coregonus wartmanni.jpg
carps up 5 kg Chondrostoma nasus Common Nase 3,46 kg 7 lb 10 oz Neckar River Germany 1347_Common Nase_Chondrostoma nasus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Rutilus rutilus Roach 3,13 kg 6 lb 14 oz Rhine River Germany 1351_Michael Kiehl_Roach_Rutilus rutilus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Vimba vimba Vimba Bream 2,33 kg 5 lb 2 oz Weser River Germany 1368_Vimba Bream_Vimba vimba.jpg
carps up 5 kg Blicca bjoerkna White Bream 2,13 kg 4 lb 11 oz Hase River Germany 1376_Swedish Sportfishing Association_White Bream_Blicca bjoerkna.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus holsata Schaalsee Whitefish 2,00 kg 4 lb 7 oz Schaalsee Germany 3043_Horst Hennings_Schaalsee Whitefish_Coregonus holsata.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus oxyrinchus Houting ~ 1,60 kg ~ 4 lb Rhine River system Germany 551_Houting_Coregonus oxyrinchus.jpg
perch-likes up 10 kg Zingel zingel Zingel 1,50 kg 3 lb 5 oz Altmühl River Germany 2582_Marcus Käfer_Zingel_Zingel zingel.jpg
carps up 5 kg Alburnus chalcoides Danube Bleak 1,50 kg 3 lb 5 oz tributaries of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea Germany 1403_Danube Bleak_Alburnus chalcoides.jpg
carps up 5 kg Ballerus ballerus Zope 1,29 kg 2 lb 14 oz Elbe River Germany 1380_Marcus Brügmann_Zope_Ballerus ballerus.JPG