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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
sturgeons Acipenser naccarii Adriatic Sturgeon 150,00 330.69 Adriatic coast Italy 86_Yuri Grisendi_Adriatic Sturgeon_Acipenser naccarii.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Silurus glanis Wels Catfish 144,00 317.47 Po River Italy 2918_Wels Catfish_Silurus glanis.jpg
sturgeons Acipenser sturio Common Sturgeon 26,00 57.32 Candia Lomellina Italy 39_Reg Speller_Common Sturgeon_Acipenser sturio.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Leuciscus aspius Asp 10,34 22.80 Lake Mantua Italy 3318_Leuciscus_aspius_Asp0.jpeg
pikes Esox cisalpinus Southern Pike 10,00 22.05 lake Italy 3213_Southern Pike_Esox cisalpinus.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Barbus plebejus Italian Barbel 6,00 13.23 unknown Italy 1226_Italian Barbel_Barbus plebejus.jpg
Salmonidae up 10 kg Salmo cettii Mediterranean Trout 5,00 11.02 tributaries of the Mediterranian Sea Italy 518_Mediterranean Trout_Salmo cettii.jpg
Salmonidae up 10 kg Salmo carpio Carpione 4,73 10.43 Lake Garda Italy 3324_Salmo_carpio_Carpione0.jpeg
carps up 5 kg Barbus tyberinus Tiber Barbel 4,00 8.82 unknown Italy 1343_Tiber Barbel_Barbus tyberinus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Chondrostoma soetta Italian Nase 2,00 4.41 unknown Italy 1397_Italian Nase_Chondrostoma soetta.jpg
herrings Alosa fallax Twaite Shad 2,00 4.41 Piave River Italy 254_Twaite Shad_Alosa fallax.jpg
characins Distichodus sexfasciatus Sixbar Distichodus unknown unknown Natural History Museum, Pisa Italy 3399_Distichodus_sexfasciatus_Sixbar_Distichodus0.jpeg
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