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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
catfishes over 50 kg Wallago leerii Striped Wallago 65,00 kg 143 lb 5 oz Bernam River Malaysia 1720_Striped Wallago_Wallago leerii.jpg
carps over 25 kg Probarbus jullieni Isok Barb 52,00 kg 114 lb 10 oz Semantan River Malaysia 664_J. F. Helias_Isok Barb_Probarbus jullieni.jpg
carps over 25 kg Tor tambroides Red Mahseer 33,00 kg 72 lb 12 oz Bidor River Malaysia 807_Thai Mahseer_Tor tambroides.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Channa micropeltes Giant Snakehead + 30,00 kg + 66 lb Temenggor Reservoir Malaysia 2330_Giant Snakehead_Channa micropeltes.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Phalacronotus apogon Metallic Sheatfish ~ 30,00 kg ~ 66 lb unknown Malaysia 1921_Metallic Sheatfish_Phalacronotus apogon.jpg
bony tongues Chitala lopis Giant Featherback 27,00 kg 59 lb 8 oz Kenering Reservoir Malaysia 2638_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Giant Featherback_Chitala lopis.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Pangasius nasutus Shark Head Patin 23,00 kg 50 lb 11 oz Kerian River Malaysia 1959_Mr. Sopian_Shark Head Patin_Pangasius nasutus.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Pangasius djambal Jambal Pangasius 16,00 kg 35 lb 4 oz unknown Malaysia 2009_Tim Webb_Jambal Pangasius_Pangasius djambal.jpg
carps over 10 kg Hampala macrolepidota Hampala Barb 15,00 kg 33 lb 1 oz Peninsula Malaysia , Rajang River system Malaysia 904_Hampala Barb_Hampala macrolepidota.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Pangasius polyuranodon Yellowfin Pangasius + 15,00 kg + 33 lb unknown Malaysia 2021_Yellowfin Pangasius_Pangasius polyuranodon.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Wallago maculatus Blotched Wallago ~ 15,00 kg ~ 33 lb Borneo Malaysia 2039_Keith Martin-Smith_Blotched Wallago_Wallago maculatus.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Osphronemus goramy Giant Gourami 15,00 kg 33 lb 1 oz Temenggor Reservoir Malaysia 2390_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Giant Gourami_Osphronemus goramy.jpg
carps over 10 kg Barbonymus gonionotus Java Barb 13,00 kg 28 lb 11 oz unknown Malaysia 930_Tim Webb_Java Barb_Barbonymus gonionotus.jpg
carps over 10 kg Puntioplites bulu Tengalan 11,00 kg 24 lb 4 oz Rajang River system Malaysia 986_Peters Fish Trading Co._Tengalan_Puntioplites bulu.jpg
skates and rays Himantura signifer White-rimmed Stingray ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb unknown Malaysia 2822_aquariumphoto.dk_White-edge Freshwater Whip Ray_Himantura signifer.jpg
carps over 10 kg Leptobarbus hoevenii Hoven's Carp 10,00 kg 22 lb 1 oz unknown Malaysia 3050_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Mad Barb_Leptobarbus hoevenii.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Belodontichthys dinema Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish 10,00 kg 22 lb 1 oz unknown Malaysia 2055_Mr. Kurien_Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish_Belodontichthys dinema.jpg
carps over 10 kg Tor soro Soro Mahseer ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb unknown Malaysia 1058_Soro Mahseer_Tor soro.jpg
carps over 10 kg Tor douronensis Semah Mahseer + 10,00 kg + 22 lb Sabah Province Malaysia 1019_Semah Mahseer_Tor douronensis.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Ompok miostoma Wagal ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb Borneo Malaysia 2075_Heok Hee Ng_Wagal_Ompok miostoma.jpg
carps over 10 kg Tor tambra Tambra Mahseer + 10,00 kg + 22 lb unknown Malaysia 1013_budidaya-ikan.com_Tambra Mahseer_Tor tambra.jpg
perch-likes up 10 kg Oxyeleotris marmorata Marble Goby 9,90 kg 21 lb 13 oz Sarawak Province Malaysia 2465_Tim Webb_Marble Goby_Oxyeleotris marmorata.jpg
bony tongues Scleropages formosus Asian Bonytongue 7,00 kg 15 lb 7 oz Pedu Reservoir Malaysia 2703_Wee Lee Khoo_Asian Bonytongue_Scleropages formosus.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Channa striata Striped Snakehead 6,00 kg 13 lb 4 oz Bersia Reservoir Malaysia 2368_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Striped Snakehead_Channa striata.jpg
carps over 5 kg Hypsibarbus wetmorei Lemon Barb 6,00 kg 13 lb 4 oz Peninsula Malaysia Malaysia 1236_Tim Webb_Lemon Barb_Hypsibarbus wetmorei.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Hemibagrus wyckii Forktail Catfish 6,00 kg 13 lb 4 oz unknown Malaysia 2163_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Forktail Catfish_Hemibagrus wyckii.jpg
carps up 5 kg Macrochirichthys macrochirus Long Pectoral-Fin Minnow ~ 5,00 kg ~ 11 lb unknown Malaysia 1282_Long Pectoral-Fin Minnow_Macrochirichthys macrochirus.jpg
carps over 10 kg Neolissochilus hexagonolepis Copper Mahseer 2,72 kg 6 lb 0 oz Trengan River Malaysia 980_Keith Elliott_Copper Mahseer_Neolissochilus hexagonolepis.jpg