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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
characins Hydrocynus goliath Giant Tigerfish 70,00 154.32 Congo River system Congo, Tanzania, DR Congo 3311_Hydrocynus_goliath_Giant_Tigerfish0.jpeg
catfishes over 50 kg Chrysichthys cranchii Kokuni 50,00 110.23 Congo River Congo 3018_Jeremy Wade_Kokuni_Chrysichthys cranchii.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Chrysichthys laticeps ? 50,00 110.23 Congo River system Congo, DR Congo 1845_John P. Sullivan_Chrysichthys laticeps.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Auchenoglanis occidentalis Bubu 40,00 88.18 Congo River DR Congo 1881_John P. Sullivan_Bubu_Auchenoglanis occidentalis.jpg
characins Distichodus sexfasciatus Sixbar Distichodus 20,00 44.09 Congo River system DR Congo, Angola, Tanzania 3399_Distichodus_sexfasciatus_Sixbar_Distichodus0.jpeg
bony tongues Mormyrops anguilloides Cornish Jack 15,00 33.07 Congo River system Sudan, Central Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa 3445_Mormyrops_anguilloides_Cornish_Jack0.jpeg
lungfishes Protopterus dolloi Slender Lungfish 11,00 24.25 Congo River system Congo, DR Congo 2731_Gina Walsh_Slender Lungfish_Protopterus dolloi.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Clarias buthupogon Lilembu 10,00 22.05 Congo River system DR Congo, Benin, Central African Republic, Congo, Nigeria 3423_Clarias_buthupogon_0.jpeg
characins Citharinus macrolepis Congo Moonfish 10,00 22.05 Congo River system DR Congo, Congo 1507_John P. Sullivan_Congo Moonfish_Citharinus macrolepis.jpg
characins Distichodus antonii Antoni's Distichodus 10,00 22.05 Congo River system DR Congo 1503_John P. Sullivan_Antoni's Distichodus_Distichodus antonii.jpg
pufferfishes Tetraodon mbu Freshwater Puffer fish 7,00 15.43 Congo River system Burundi, Zambia, Congo, Tanzania, DR Congo 2742_John Friel_Freshwater Puffer fish_Tetraodon mbu.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Labeobarbus caudovittatus Streak Yellowfish 6,00 13.23 Congo River system Zambia, Tanzania, DR Congo 1262_Keith Clover_Streak Yellowfish_Labeobarbus caudovittatus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Labeo lineatus Striped Labeo 5,00 11.02 Congo River system DR Congo, Congo, Tanzania 1296_Mr. Oishi_Striped Labeo_Labeo lineatus.jpg
carps up 5 kg Labeo macrostoma Megamouth Labeo 5,00 11.02 Congo River Congo, DR Congo 1310_Jean Papy_Megamouth Labeo_Labeo macrostoma.jpg
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