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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
sturgeons and paddlefishes Acipenser sinensis Chinese Sturgeon + 550,00 kg + 1213 lb Yangtze River system China , Japan 47_CNS Hubei_Chinese Sturgeon_Acipenser sinensis.jpg
sturgeons and paddlefishes Psephurus gladius Chinese Paddlefish 500,00 kg 1102 lb 5 oz Yangtze River system China 51_Qiwei Wei_Chinese Paddlefish_Psephurus gladius.jpg
sturgeons and paddlefishes Acipenser dabryanus Yangtze Sturgeon + 80,00 kg + 176 lb Yangtze River system China 113_CNRCN_Yangtze Sturgeon_Acipenser dabryanus.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Silurus meridionalis Chinese Largemouth Catfish 50,00 kg 110 lb 4 oz Yangtze River system China 1837_Chinese Largemouth Catfish_Silurus meridionalis.jpg
catfishes over 10 kg Tachysurus dumerili Chinese Longsnout Catfish 5,40 kg 11 lb 14 oz Yangtze River system China 2025_Chinese Longsnout Catfish_Leiocassis longirostris.jpg