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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
sturgeons Acipenser transmontanus White Sturgeon 831,00 1,832.04 Fraser River estuary Canada 3173_White Sturgeon_Acipenser transmontanus.jpg
sturgeons Acipenser oxyrinchus Atlantic Sturgeon 368,00 811.30 Middle Island near estuary of St.John River Canada 57_Randall Haddock_Atlantic Gulf Sturgeon_Acipenser oxyrinchus.jpg
sturgeons Acipenser medirostris Green Sturgeon 159,00 350.53 Pacific coast Canada 80_Green Sturgeon_Acipenser medirostris.jpg
sturgeons Acipenser fulvescens Lake Sturgeon 140,61 309.99 Lake Superior Canada 2902_Franklin Museum, Dr. Ken Stewart_Lake Sturgeon_Acipenser fulvescens.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Oncorhynchus tshawytscha King Salmon 65,00 143.30 Pacific coast, Queen Charlotte Islands Canada 280_Chinook Salmon_Oncorhynchus tshawytscha.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Salvelinus namaycush Namaycush 46,37 102.23 Lake Athabasca Canada 313_Lake Trout_Salvelinus namaycush.jpg
sturgeons Acipenser brevirostrum Shortnose Sturgeon 45,00 99.21 Atlantic coast Canada 142_Shortnose Sturgeon_Acipenser brevirostrum.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Ictalurus punctatus Channel Catfish 40,00 88.18 unknown Canada 1861_Channel Catfish_Ictalurus punctatus.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Oncorhynchus mykiss Rainbow Trout 35,00 77.16 fish farm (artificial growth) Canada 366_The Fishing Geeks_Rainbow Trout_Oncorhynchus mykiss.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Salmo salar Atlantic Salmon 33,00 72.75 Restigouche River Canada 303_Chris Appleby_Atlantic Salmon_Salmo salar.jpg
pikes Esox masquinongy Muskie 29,00 63.93 unknown Canada 3120_Ed Ganske_Muskellunge_Esox masquinongy.JPG
Salmonidae over 10 kg Oncorhynchus keta Chum Salmon 20,40 44.97 Columbia River Canada 376_Chum Salmon_Oncorhynchus keta.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Salvelinus malma Dolly Varden 18,30 40.34 Pacific coast Canada 394_Dolly Varden_Salvelinus malma.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Salvelinus alpinus Arctic Char 18,00 39.68 Tree River Canada 381_Arctic Char_Salvelinus alpinus alpinus.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Oncorhynchus kisutch Coho Salmon 16,30 35.94 Skeena River Canada 405_Dick Boyajian_Coho Salmon_Oncorhynchus kisutch.jpg
cod-likes Lota lota Burbot 15,42 34.00 Windermere Lake Canada 3119_Ede Family Collection_Burbot_Lota lota.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Ptychocheilus oregonensis Northern Pikeminnow 13,00 28.66 Columbia River, Peace River, Pacific coast of British Columbia Canada 926_Brian Ramsden_Northern Pikeminnow_Ptychocheilus oregonensis.jpg
Salmonidae over 10 kg Coregonus clupeaformis Lake Whitefish 11,79 25.99 Manitoba Canada 388_Lake Whitefish_Coregonus clupeaformis.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Moxostoma carinatum River Redhorse 7,94 17.50 Gatineau River Canada 3466_Moxostoma_carinatum_River_Redhorse0.jpeg
eels Anguilla rostrata American Eel 7,50 16.53 Nova Scotia Canada 2909_Absecon Bay Sportsman Center_American Eel_Anguilla rostrata.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Moxostoma valenciennesi Greater Redhorse 7,26 16.01 unknown Canada 1266_Greater Redhorse_Moxostoma valenciennesi.jpg
Salmonidae up 10 kg Salvelinus fontinalis Brook Trout 7,25 15.98 Barbe Lake Canada 3484_Salvelinus_fontinalis_Brook_Trout0.jpeg
carps 5-10 kg Moxostoma hubbsi Copper Redhorse 6,00 13.23 St.Lawrence River system Canada 1230_Daniel Hatin, MRNF_Copper Redhorse_Moxostoma hubbsi.jpg
Salmonidae up 10 kg Thymallus arcticus Arctic Grayling 3,83 8.44 unknown Canada 537_Arctic Grayling_Thymallus arcticus.jpg
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