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Our Mission

30 years ago we realized that the existing record data in specified literature is incomplete and the information exchange between scientists, commercial fishermen and sports fishermen is poor.

Therefore we are engaged in updating a database concerning the maximum size of freshwater fish. "World Records Freshwater Fishing" started as a compilation of the most important references worldwide from international networks. In the last years more and more angler and scientists from around the world send us accurate data and high quality photos for verification.

Fishermen and scientists have free access to a complete, precise, and up-to-date reference database. In 2012 we had the idea to develop this database towards a travel portal. This project should be financed by offering tour operators, camps, equipment manufacturers etc. the opportunity to present themselves to interested fishermen at the optimal time. In the meantime we need your donations.

In addition we work as consultants free of charge for

  • Discovery Channel / Animal Planet, series "River Monsters"
  • National Geographic Channel, series "Hooked: Monster Fish"
  • the "Megafishes Project" of the National Geographic Society / WWF
  • angling magazines

Benefit for Users

  • Unique knowledge base with regard to attainable maximum sizes
  • Extraordinary quality of data based on 30 years of research
  • Compact additional information on the biology of fish species
  • Free use of the high-quality content
  • Additional information on destinations make travel planning easier
  • Information on interesting offers regarding your destination
  • Periodical newsletter on unusual catches with background information

Heinz Machacek
Chief Executive


"For your scientific work, which cannot be overestimated, you should be given the Nobel Prize in ichthyology! In my opinion, your world record list is for the entire fishery worldwide of great value. On behalf of the whole fishery, I would like to thank you for this substantial contribution!" Bernhard Höller, Austria

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate you helping me find out about records. You seem like a man that has a great thing going in keeping the public informed about freshwater records." Rusty Parker, United States

"Thank you for the excellent work you are doing with your website. I like the new search engine and the new features are very useful." Bopanna Pattata, Mahseer Angling, India

"Keep up the good work, Heinz - it is a superb fish weights list." Tony Davies-Patrick, Globetrotter World, United Kingdom

"I love your website. I have spent hours looking at the database over the last week or so and it has got me dreaming about all those incredible fish in exotic locations." Stephen T. Poole, Australia

"I have visited your website and noticed your project with astonishment, congratulations! A lot of work you have saddled yourself with! Olivier Portrat, France

"You've done some impressive work compiling data about big fish!!" Zeb Hogan, Megafishes Project, United States

"I was reading your sensational website. It's a great idea to keep eyes on this amazing things on earth." Tamás Bényei, Hungary

"I've followed your website with great interest for a while, great reference tool for my angling abroad and some incredible photos." Ben H. Murray, United States

"I'm a big fan of your website. Keep up the good work!" Andreas Mangold, Germany

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"I take my hat off to your site and believe it to be the most interesting I have visited; brilliant and well-done. I am sure it was not easy to collate all the information and pic's." Steve Day, United Kingdom

"I understand your point about the main intention of your site, and i think you are doing really a good job." Ugo Cammalleri, Italy

"I am really pleased that I successfully found your web page, which is really something. So many data on so many species." Zvonimir Fratnik, Slovenia

"Keep up the good work!" Joe Lategan, Catfish Joe Productions, South Africa

"Thank you very much for your excellent database World Records Freshwater Fishing. It's a great work!" Dr. Pavel Blahak, Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Republic

"Really interesting website!" Parry Vermeulen, magazine Beet, Belgium

"It must endlessly put a lot of work behind it, to build such a thing. Your database is really a great experience." Wolfgang Hauer, Austria

"A nice website, which certainly deserves more attention." Bernd Ueberschär, FISHBASE, Germany

"I've just randomly clicked on the world record for beluga sturgeon - wow! Very interesting site." Penny Haworth, South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, South Africa

"Really succeeded and a great service from you!" Hans-Jörg Markau, Team RubberDuck, Germany

"Very cool site!" Mark K., Trophy Trout Guide, United States

"I do want to thank you for your effort. As to date I have yet to find a website with more reliable information." Reinier Kanis, Canada

"I came across your website when googling. Congratulations to the extensive and informative site!" Clemens Ratschan, Austria

"I came upon your website quite by accident, but have been fascinated by it for much of the day." Gerry Bethge, Outdoor Life, United States

"Great job and great database! Will definitely spread the good word :-)" Niel Malan, South Africa

"The database you have created is very useful, I've already passed it on to number of friends and colleagues." Julian Fernandez, Siam Fishing Tours, Thailand

"I wanted you to know that as someone putting together some resources for my students on ichthyology, your page was really helpful. Thanks!" Melinda McQuade, United States

"Fortunately, I found your site, which seems very complete and trustworthy to me personally." L. Jäger, Germany

"I think the idea and presentation of the site is very good." Albrecht Spaun, Austria

"I love your website - I have no idea how many colossal species of catfish there are!" Cameron McCormick, United States

"I was looking at your database, great idea. I didn't realise how big some of the species can grow." Tim Webb, Thailand

"I really appreciate the periodical Newsletter. I think highly of your work and efforts and thank you." Myung Hwa Jeong, magazine Fishing Leader, Korea

"I came across your website and were very impressed." Tuktaa Athasopa, InfocusAsia, Thailand

"I'm a big fan of your website and in the database are really impressive records. It's amazing where you got the whole information and very old photos." F. Rickmeyer, Germany

"I was very interested to see so many photographs of big fish on the Website and think it is great that someone has tried to collect proof of some of the big fish claims put in by anglers." T.J. Sawyer, United Kingdom

"I have gone through your website and I must say that you are doing a great job." Nasim Hasan, Bangladesh

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