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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
pikes Esox reichertii Amur Pike 25,00 kg 55 lb 2 oz Buir Lake Mongolia 613_Olivier Portrat_Amur Pike_Esox reichertii.jpg
carps over 10 kg Oreoleuciscus potanini Altai Osman ~ 15,00 kg ~ 33 lb Dörgön Lake , Khyargas Lake , Üüreg Lake Mongolia 3382_Oreoleuciscus_potanini_Altai_Osman0.jpeg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Brachymystax lenok Lenok 10,00 kg 22 lb 1 oz Chuluut River Mongolia 458_Mikhail Skopets_Lenok_Brachymystax lenok.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Thymallus brevirostris Mongolian Grayling ~ 7,00 kg ~ 15 lb Great Lakes basin Mongolia 532_Mongolian Grayling_Thymallus brevirostris.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus autumnalis Arctic Cisco 2,90 kg 6 lb 6 oz Ulaagchny Khar Lake Mongolia 547_Per-Andre Hoffmann_Arctic Cisco_Coregonus autumnalis.jpg