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Found in database

order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
skates and rays Urogymnus polylepis Giant Freshwater Stingray 600,00 kg 1322 lb 12 oz unknown Papua New Guinea 2766_Fishsiam.com_Freshwater Whipray_Himantura polylepis.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Lutjanus goldiei Papuan Black Snapper 31,75 kg 70 lb 0 oz river Papua New Guinea 2350_Papuan Black Snapper_Lutjanus goldiei.jpg
bony tongues Scleropages jardinii Gulf Saratoga 27,00 kg 59 lb 8 oz unknown Papua New Guinea 2644_Australian Bonytongue_Scleropages jardinii.jpg
eels Anguilla megastoma Polynesian Longfin Eel 22,19 kg 48 lb 15 oz Sulawesi , New Guinea , Polynesia Papua New Guinea 190_Bernhard Höller_Polynesian Longfin Eel_Anguilla megastoma.jpg
eels Anguilla celebesensis Celebes Longfin Eel ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb unknown Papua New Guinea 261_Celebes Longfin Eel_Anguilla celebesensis.jpg
perch-likes up 10 kg Kurtus gulliveri Nurseryfish ~ 5,00 kg ~ 11 lb unknown Papua New Guinea 2576_Nurseryfish_Kurtus gulliveri.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Neoarius coatesi Coates' Catfish 5,00 kg 11 lb 0 oz Ramu River , Sepik River Papua New Guinea 2187_Coates' Catfish_Neoarius coatesi.jpg