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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
skates and rays Urogymnus polylepis Giant Freshwater Stingray 600,00 1,322.77 unknown Thailand 2766_Fishsiam.com_Freshwater Whipray_Himantura polylepis.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Pangasianodon gigas Mekong Giant Catfish 356,00 784.85 Mekong River system Thailand 1605_WWF_Mekong Giant Catfish_Pangasianodon gigas.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Pangasius sanitwongsei Chao Phraya Catfish 200,00 440.92 Mekong River system Thailand 1627_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Giant Pangasius_Pangasius sanitwongsei.jpg
bony tongues Arapaima gigas Pirarucu 200,00 440.92 fishing lakes Thailand 2991_Jules Fernandez_Pirarucu_Arapaima gigas.jpg
carps over 25 kg Catlocarpio siamensis Giant Siamese Carp 200,00 440.92 Mae Klong River Thailand 2970_Jules Fernandez_Giant Siamese Carp_Catlocarpio siamensis.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Rita sacerdotum Salween Rita 140,00 308.65 Irrawaddy River system, Salween River system Thailand 3464_Rita_sacerdotum_Salween_Rita0.jpeg
catfishes over 50 kg Bagarius suchus Crocodile Catfish 100,00 220.46 Mekong River system Thailand 1686_exoticfishingthailand.com_Crocodile Catfish_Bagarius suchus.jpg
carps over 25 kg Probarbus jullieni Jullien's Golden Carp 100,00 220.46 Mekong River system Thailand 664_J. F. Helias_Isok Barb_Probarbus jullieni.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Hemibagrus wyckioides Bagrid Catfish 100,00 220.46 unknown Thailand 1704_J. F. Helias_Bagrid Catfish_Hemibagrus wyckioides.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Wallago micropogon Mekong Wallago 96,00 211.64 Mekong River system Thailand 1823_Suthep Kritsanavarin_Mekong Wallago_Wallago micropogon.jpg
carps over 25 kg Probarbus labeamajor Thicklip Barb 70,00 154.32 Mekong River Thailand 3326_Probarbus_labeamajor_Thicklip_Barb0.jpeg
catfishes over 50 kg Hemibagrus microphthalmus Salween Catfish 52,16 114.99 Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand 3465_Hemibagrus_microphthalmus_Irrawaddy_Mystus0.jpeg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Sutchi Catfish 44,00 97.00 unknown Thailand 3284_Striped Catfish_Pangasianodon hypophthalmus.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Phalacronotus apogon Metallic Sheatfish 30,00 66.14 unknown Thailand 1921_Metallic Sheatfish_Phalacronotus apogon.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius larnaudii Black Ear Catfish 30,00 66.14 Mekong River system Thailand 1915_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Spot Pangasius_Pangasius larnaudii.jpg
carps over 25 kg Aaptosyax grypus Giant Salmon Carp 30,00 66.14 Mekong River Thailand 3138_Chaiwut Grudpan_Giant Salmon Carp_Aaptosyax grypus.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Wallago attu Wallago 26,50 58.42 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3280_Wallago_Wallago attu.jpg
carps over 25 kg Labeo rohita Roho Labeo 25,00 55.12 Srinakarin Reservoir Thailand 645_Tim Webb_Rohu_Labeo rohita.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Clarias macrocephalus Bighead Catfish 20,00 44.09 unknown Thailand 2003_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Broadhead Catfish_Clarias macrocephalus.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius bocourti Basa Fish 20,00 44.09 Fishermans Paradise Lake Thailand 1975_Basa Fish_Pangasius bocourti.jpg
bony tongues Chitala blanci Indochina Featherback 20,00 44.09 Mekong River Thailand 3308_Chitala_blanci_Indochina_Featherback0.jpeg
catfishes 10-50 kg Helicophagus leptorhynchus Thai Shark Catfish 20,00 44.09 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2864_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Thai Shark Catfish_Helicophagus leptorhynchus.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius conchophilus Shark Catfish 20,00 44.09 Mekong River system Thailand 1997_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Shark Catfish_Pangasius conchophilus.jpg
Perciformes over 10 kg Channa micropeltes Giant Snakehead 18,00 39.68 lake Thailand 2330_Giant Snakehead_Channa micropeltes.jpg
characins Piaractus brachypomus Pirapitinga 17,60 38.80 Ratchaburi Lake Thailand 1459_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Pirapitinga_Piaractus brachypomus.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius djambal Jambal Pangasius 16,00 35.27 unknown Thailand 3412_Pangasius_djambal_Jambal_Pangasius0.jpeg
bony tongues Chitala lopis Giant Featherback 16,00 35.27 Srinakarin Reservoir Thailand 3307_Chitala_lopis_Giant_Featherback0.jpeg
carps 10-25 kg Cirrhinus microlepis Smallscale Mud Carp 15,00 33.07 reservoir Thailand 3328_Cirrhinus_microlepis_Smallscale_Mud_Carp0.jpeg
carps 10-25 kg Cirrhinus cirrhosus Mrigal Carp 14,00 30.86 Khao Laem Reservoir Thailand 893_Tim Webb_Mrigal Carp_Cirrhinus cirrhosus.jpg
bony tongues Chitala ornata Clown Featherback 13,00 28.66 Ping River Thailand 3306_Chitala_ornata_Clown_Featherback0.jpeg
carps 10-25 kg Labeo chrysophekadion Black Sharkminnow 12,00 26.46 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1139_Tim Webb_Black Sharkminnow_Labeo chrysophekadion.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Cosmochilus harmandi Violet Giant Barb 12,00 26.46 Mekong River system Thailand 958_Violet Giant Barb_Cosmochilus harmandi.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Labeo barbatulus Bearded Labeo 12,00 26.46 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3163_Tim Webb_Bearded Labeo_Labeo barbatulus.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Bangana behri Jungle Labeo 10,00 22.05 Srinakarin Reservoir Thailand 1050_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Jungle Labeo_Bangana behri.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Labeo dyocheilus Brahmaputra Labeo 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 3342_Labeo_dyocheilus_Brahmaputra_Labeo0.jpeg
carps 10-25 kg Leptobarbus hoevenii Mad Barb 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 3050_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Mad Barb_Leptobarbus hoevenii.jpg
skates and rays Fluvitrygon signifer White-edge Freshwater Whip Ray 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 2822_aquariumphoto.dk_White-edge Freshwater Whip Ray_Himantura signifer.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Tor soro Soro Mahseer 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 1058_Soro Mahseer_Tor soro.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Tor tambra Tambra Mahseer 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 3380_Tor_tambra_Tambra_Mahseer0.jpeg
catfishes up 10 kg Mystus cavasius Gangetic Mystus 10,00 22.05 unknown Thailand 2059_C. M. Roshith_Gangetic Mystus_Mystus cavasius.jpg
Perciformes over 10 kg Osphronemus goramy Giant Gourami 9,05 19.95 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2390_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Giant Gourami_Osphronemus goramy.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Osphronemus exodon Elephant Ear Gourami 7,00 15.43 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3362_Osphronemus_exodon_Elephant_Ear_Gourami0.jpeg
carps 5-10 kg Neolissochilus stracheyi Stracheyi Mahseer 7,00 15.43 Mae Klong River, Mekong River system, Salween River, Chao Phraya River, Thai-Malay Peninsula Thailand 2956_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Stracheyi Mahseer_Neolissochilus stracheyi.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Hemibagrus nemurus Yellow Catfish 7,00 15.43 Khao Laem Reservoir Thailand 2151_Yellow Catfish_Hemibagrus nemurus.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Labeo pierrei Pierre's Labeo 7,00 15.43 Mekong River system Thailand 1191_Ngo Van Tri_Pierre's Labeo_Labeo pierrei.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Phalacronotus bleekeri Whisker Sheatfish 7,00 15.43 unknown Thailand 2145_Tim Webb_Whisker Sheatfish_Phalacronotus bleekeri.jpg
Perciformes over 10 kg Boesemania microlepis Boeseman Croaker 7,00 15.43 Chao Phraya River Thailand 2374_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Boeseman Croaker_Boesemania microlepis.jpg
bony tongues Heterotis niloticus African Bonytongue 6,80 14.99 fishing lake Pattaya Thailand 3379_Heterotis_niloticus_African_Bonytongue0.jpeg
skates and rays Hemitrygon laosensis Mekong Stingray 6,00 13.23 Mekong River system Thailand 2840_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Mekong Stingray_Dasyatis laosensis.jpg
Perciformes over 10 kg Channa striata Striped Snakehead 6,00 13.23 Prathum Thani Pond Thailand 2368_Fishing Adventures Thailand_Striped Snakehead_Channa striata.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Hemibagrus wyckii Forktail Catfish 6,00 13.23 unknown Thailand 2163_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Forktail Catfish_Hemibagrus wyckii.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Channa marulioides Emperor Snakehead 5,15 11.35 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2558_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Emperor Snakehead_Channa marulioides.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Cyclocheilichthys enoplos Soldier River Barb 5,05 11.13 IT Monster Lake Thailand 1082_Tim Webb_Soldier River Barb_Cyclocheilichthys enoplus.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Hemisilurus mekongensis Mekong Humpback Catfish 5,00 11.02 Mekong River system Thailand 2219_Ian G. Baird_Mekong Humpback Catfish_Hemisilurus mekongensis.jpg
carps up 5 kg Macrochirichthys macrochirus Long Pectoral-Fin Minnow 5,00 11.02 unknown Thailand 1282_Long Pectoral-Fin Minnow_Macrochirichthys macrochirus.jpg
characins Semaprochilodus insignis Kissing Prochilodus 5,00 11.02 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3368_Semaprochilodus_insignis_Kissing_Prochilodus0.jpeg
carps 10-25 kg Barbonymus gonionotus Java Barb 4,35 9.59 Khao Laem Reservoir Thailand 930_Tim Webb_Java Barb_Barbonymus gonionotus.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Osteochilus melanopleurus Bony Lipped Barb 3,85 8.49 River Kwai Thailand 3394_Osteochilus_melanopleurus_Bony_Lipped_Barb0.jpeg
catfishes 10-50 kg Auchenoglanis occidentalis Bubu 3,80 8.38 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1881_John P. Sullivan_Bubu_Auchenoglanis occidentalis.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Oxyeleotris marmorata Marble Goby 3,30 7.28 Benny's Farm Ponds Thailand 2465_Tim Webb_Marble Goby_Oxyeleotris marmorata.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Hypsibarbus wetmorei Lemon Barb 2,75 6.06 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3356_Hypsibarbus_wetmorei_Lemon_Barb0.jpeg
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