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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
catfishes over 50 kg Pangasius sanitwongsei Giant Pangasius 74,00 163.14 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1627_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Giant Pangasius_Pangasius sanitwongsei.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Hemibagrus wyckioides Bagrid Catfish 32,00 70.55 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1704_J. F. Helias_Bagrid Catfish_Hemibagrus wyckioides.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Wallago attu Wallago 26,50 58.42 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3280_Wallago_Wallago attu.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Helicophagus leptorhynchus Thai Shark Catfish 20,00 44.09 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2864_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Thai Shark Catfish_Helicophagus leptorhynchus.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius larnaudii Spot Pangasius 12,10 26.68 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1915_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Spot Pangasius_Pangasius larnaudii.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Labeo barbatulus Bearded Labeo 12,00 26.46 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3163_Tim Webb_Bearded Labeo_Labeo barbatulus.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Labeo chrysophekadion Black Sharkminnow 12,00 26.46 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1139_Tim Webb_Black Sharkminnow_Labeo chrysophekadion.jpg
bony tongues Chitala ornata Clown Featherback 11,20 24.69 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3306_Chitala_ornata_Clown_Featherback0.jpeg
Perciformes over 10 kg Osphronemus goramy Giant Gourami 9,05 19.95 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2390_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Giant Gourami_Osphronemus goramy.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pangasius conchophilus Shark Catfish 7,70 16.98 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1997_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Shark Catfish_Pangasius conchophilus.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Leptobarbus hoevenii Hoven's Carp 7,60 16.76 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3050_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Mad Barb_Leptobarbus hoevenii.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Osphronemus exodon Elephant Ear Gourami 7,00 15.43 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3362_Osphronemus_exodon_Elephant_Ear_Gourami0.jpeg
Perciformes up 10 kg Channa marulioides Emperor Snakehead 5,15 11.35 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2558_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Emperor Snakehead_Channa marulioides.jpg
carps 10-25 kg Cirrhinus microlepis Smallscale Mud Carp 5,10 11.24 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3328_Cirrhinus_microlepis_Smallscale_Mud_Carp0.jpeg
characins Semaprochilodus insignis Kissing Prochilodus 5,00 11.02 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3368_Semaprochilodus_insignis_Kissing_Prochilodus0.jpeg
catfishes up 10 kg Hemibagrus wyckii Forktail Catfish 4,05 8.93 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 2163_Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park_Forktail Catfish_Hemibagrus wyckii.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Auchenoglanis occidentalis Bubu 3,80 8.38 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 1881_John P. Sullivan_Bubu_Auchenoglanis occidentalis.jpg
carps 5-10 kg Hypsibarbus wetmorei Lemon Barb 2,75 6.06 Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand 3356_Hypsibarbus_wetmorei_Lemon_Barb0.jpeg
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