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order scientific name common name record weight in kg record weight in lb water country picture
catfishes over 50 kg Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii Gilded Catfish 100,00 220.46 Amazon River system, Orinoco River system Colombia 1714_Planet Catfish_Gilded Catfish_Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Zungaro zungaro Jau 90,00 198.42 Orinoco River system, Amazon River system Colombia 3316_Zungaro_zungaro_Jau0.jpeg
lungfishes Lepidosiren paradoxa South American Lungfish 40,00 88.18 Amazon River system, Parana River system Colombia 2727_South American Lungfish_Lepidosiren paradoxa.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum Tiger Sorubim 40,00 88.18 Amazon River system, Orinoco River system Colombia 1877_Nelson Lage_Tiger Sorubim_Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Pinirampus pirinampu Flatwhiskered Catfish 30,00 66.14 Orinoco River system, Parana River system, Amazon River system Colombia 1927_Argentine Angling Adventures_Flatwhiskered Catfish_Pinirampus pirinampu.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Sciades couma Couma Sea Catfish 30,00 66.14 Essequibo River estuary, Magdalena Delta, Orinoco Delta, Amazon Delta Colombia 3417_Sciades_couma_Couma_Sea_Catfish0.jpeg
catfishes 10-50 kg Oxydoras niger Ripsaw Catfish 25,00 55.12 São Francisco River system, Amazon River system, Orinoco River system Colombia 1944_Ripsaw Catfish_Oxydoras niger.jpg
catfishes 10-50 kg Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Laulao Catfish 20,00 44.09 Amazon River system, Orinoco River system Colombia 1981_Laulao Catfish_Brachyplatystoma vaillantii.jpg
skates and rays Plesiotrygon nana ? 12,40 27.34 Amazon River Colombia 3193_Plesiotrygon nana.jpg
Perciformes over 10 kg Kronoheros umbriferus Turquoise Cichlid 12,00 26.46 unknown Colombia 2417_Turquoise Cichlid_Caquetaia umbrifera.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Gobiomorus dormitor Bigmouth Sleeper 10,00 22.05 unknown Colombia 2458_Jose Manuel Lopez Pinto_Bigmouth Sleeper_Gobiomorus dormitor.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Cichla orinocensis Orinoco Peacock 10,00 22.05 Rio Negro, Rio Orinoco Colombia 2999_FishQuest_Orinoco Peacock_Cichla orinocensis.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Pseudoplatystoma magdaleniatum Magdalena Shovelnose 10,00 22.05 Magdalena River system Colombia 3426_Pseudoplatystoma_magdaleniatum_Magdalena_Shovelnose0.jpeg
Perciformes up 10 kg Cichla monoculus Popoca Peacock 9,00 19.84 Amazon River system Colombia 2476_IGFA_Popoca Peacock_Cichla monoculus.jpg
knifefishes Sternopygus macrurus Longtail Knifefish 9,00 19.84 unknown Colombia 2752_Juan Guillermo Ospina Pabon_Longtail Knifefish_Sternopygus macrurus.jpg
Perciformes up 10 kg Plagioscion squamosissimus South American Silver Croaker 7,00 15.43 Parana River system, São Francisco River system, Amazon River system, rivers of Guianas, Orinoco River system Colombia 2962_South American Silver Croaker_Plagioscion squamosissimus.jpg
knifefishes Apteronotus magdalenensis Magdalena Knifefish 7,00 15.43 Rio Magdalena Colombia 2760_University of Antioquia_Magdalena Knifefish_Apteronotus magdalenensis.jpg
skates and rays Heliotrygon gomesi Gomes’s Round Ray 6,20 13.67 Amazon River system Colombia 3197_Mark Sabaj Pérez_Gomes’s Round Ray_Heliotrygon gomesi.jpg
skates and rays Potamotrygon magdalenae Magdalena River Stingray 6,10 13.45 Magdalena River system Colombia 3201_Mauricio Camargo_Magdalena River Stingray_Potamotrygon magdalenae.jpg
herrings Pellona flavipinnis Yellowfin River Pellona 6,00 13.23 Amazon River system, Orinoco River system, Parana River system Colombia 242_Yellowfin River Pellona_Pellona flavipinnis.jpg
skates and rays Potamotrygon yepezi Maracaibo River Stingray 6,00 13.23 Rio Catatumbo Colombia 3205_Mauricio Camargo_Maracaibo River Stingray_Potamotrygon yepezi.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Sorubim cuspicaudus Trans-Andean Shovelnose Catfish 5,00 11.02 Sinu River, Lake Maracaibo, Magdalena River system Colombia 2207_espaciodepesca.com_Trans-Andean Shovelnose Catfish_Sorubim cuspicaudus.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Panaque nigrolineatus Royal Panaque 5,00 11.02 Orinoco River system, Amazon River system Colombia 2203_Benjamin Lee_Royal Panaque_Panaque nigrolineatus.jpg
catfishes up 10 kg Batrochoglanis acanthochiroides Bumblebee Catfish 5,00 11.02 Catatumbo River system Colombia 3427_Batrochoglanis_acanthochiroides_Bumblebee_Catfish0.jpeg
catfishes up 10 kg Notarius bonillai New Granada Sea Catfish 5,00 11.02 Caribbean draining rivers Colombia 2227_Glenys Tordecilla-Petro_New Granada Sea Catfish_Notarius bonillai.jpg
characins Salminus affinis Colombian Dorado 4,99 11.00 Rio Nare Colombia 1574_Colombian Dorado_Salminus affinis.jpg
bony tongues Osteoglossum ferreirai Black Arawana 2,27 5.00 Rio Bita Colombia 2709_Black Arawana_Osteoglossum ferreirai.jpg
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