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Gobiomorus dormitor

Bigmouth Sleeper

largest record catch captured in a picture and published

category: rod & reel record
weight: 2,03 kg ( 4 lb 8 oz )
length: 62 cm ( 24 inches )
locality: Rio Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
year: 2001
2458_Jose Manuel Lopez Pinto_Bigmouth Sleeper_Gobiomorus dormitor.jpg
record caught by: Alexander Arias , courtesy of: Jose Manuel Lopez Pinto

"rod & reel" world record caught in:
Costa Rica / capital: San José / 51,100 sq km

Costa Rica


category metric english waters country year
rod & reel * 2,03 kg 4 lb 8 oz Rio Sarapiqui Costa Rica 2001
other methods ~ 10,00 kg ~ 22 lb unknown Brazil, Central America, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, USA, Venezuela unknown


category metric english
rod & reel 62 cm 24 inches
other methods 90 cm 35 inches


category age
no documented record


rod & reel:
sport fishing record with rod & reel
other methods:
records by other methods (net, hand line, spear, bow fishing etc.)
rod & reel?:
unclear if the fish was caught with rod & reel
records based on anecdotal reports, verification not possible
exactly tie
verified by the IGFA
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