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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
sturgeons and paddlefishes Acipenser sinensis Chinese Sturgeon + 550,00 kg + 1213 lb Eastchinese Sea , Yangtze River system , Yellow Sea Japan 47_CNS Hubei_Chinese Sturgeon_Acipenser sinensis.jpg
catfishes over 50 kg Silurus biwaensis Lake Biwa Catfish ~ 150,00 kg ~ 331 lb Lake Biwa Japan 1644_Lake Biwa Catfish_Silurus biwaensis.jpg
sturgeons and paddlefishes Acipenser mikadoi Sakhalin Sturgeon 61,00 kg 134 lb 8 oz Pacific coast Japan 129_Sakhalin Sturgeon_Acipenser mikadoi.jpg
perch-likes over 10 kg Lates japonicus Japanese Lates ~ 50,00 kg ~ 110 lb southeastern coast of Japan Japan 3435_Lates_japonicus_Japanese_Lates0.jpeg
salmon-likes over 10 kg Parahucho perryi Japanese Huchen 50,00 kg 110 lb 4 oz Sea of Japan, Hokkaido Japan 293_Japanese Huchen_Parahucho perryi.jpg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Oncorhynchus masou Masu Salmon 10,00 kg 22 lb 1 oz Pacific coast Japan 481_Cherry Salmon_Oncorhynchus masou.jpg
eels Anguilla japonica Japanese Eel 6,13 kg 13 lb 8 oz unknown Japan 220_Sugiyama Hideki_Japanese Eel_Anguilla japonica.jpg