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order scientific name common name record weight (metric) record weight (anglo-american-system) water country picture
sturgeons and paddlefishes Acipenser sturio Common Sturgeon 181,44 kg 400 lb 0 oz unknown United Kingdom 39_Reg Speller_Common Sturgeon_Acipenser sturio.jpg
salmon-likes over 10 kg Salmo salar Atlantic Salmon 49,44 kg 109 lb 0 oz River Hope estuary United Kingdom 303_Chris Appleby_Atlantic Salmon_Salmo salar.jpg
pikes Esox lucius Northern Pike 32,66 kg 72 lb 0 oz Lake Ken United Kingdom 587_Northern Pike_Esox lucius.jpg
salmon-likes over 10 kg Salmo ferox Ferox Trout 17,92 kg 39 lb 8 oz Loch Awe (foul-hooked) United Kingdom 400_Ferox Trout_Salmo ferox.jpg
carps over 10 kg Abramis brama Freshwater Bream 10,32 kg 22 lb 12 oz gravel pit Ferry Lagoon United Kingdom 966_Common Bream_Abramis brama.jpg
carps over 10 kg Barbus barbus Barbel 9,58 kg 21 lb 2 oz River Wensum United Kingdom 886_Bartles Lodge_Barbel_Barbus barbus.jpg
eels Anguilla anguilla European Eel 8,25 kg 18 lb 3 oz Cuckmere River United Kingdom 206_European Eel_Anguilla anguilla.jpg
carps over 5 kg Tinca tinca Tench 7,94 kg 17 lb 8 oz location undisclosed United Kingdom 3319_Tinca_tinca_Tench0.jpeg
salmon-likes up to 10 kg Coregonus clupeoides Scottish Powan ~ 1,50 kg ~ 3 lb Loch Lomond United Kingdom 3155_Scottish Powan_Coregonus clupeoides.jpg