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Silurus glanis

Wels Catfish

largest record catch captured in a picture and published

category: rod & reel record
weight: 144,00 kg ( 317 lb 7 oz )
length: 278 cm ( 109 inches )
locality: Po River, Italy
year: 2000
1591_Taxidermy Hofinger (mounted trophy)_Wels Catfish_Silurus glanis.jpg
record caught by: unknown, courtesy of: Taxidermy Hofinger
comment: mounted trophy
category: questionable record
weight: 256,70 kg ( 565 lb 15 oz )
length: 335 cm ( 132 inches )
locality: Desna River, Ukraine
year: 1918
record caught by: unknown, courtesy of: -
comment: Beluga Sturgeon based on the shape of the mouth

"rod & reel" world record caught in:
Bulgaria / capital: Sofia / 110,879 sq km



category metric english waters country year
rod & reel 148,00 kg 326 lb 5 oz Kardzhali Reservoir Bulgaria 19??
other methods 200,00 kg 440 lb 15 oz Amu Darya River, Danube Delta, Dnieper River, Ili River, Syr Darya River Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan unknown


category metric english
rod & reel 285 cm 112 inches
other methods 318 cm 125 inches


category age
verified 100 years
not verified + 100 years


rod & reel:
sport fishing record with rod & reel
other methods:
records by other methods (net, hand line, spear, bow fishing etc.)
rod & reel?:
unclear if the fish was caught with rod & reel
records based on anecdotal reports, verification not possible
exactly tie
verified by the IGFA
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